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OSV Okulationsschnellverschluss "OKULETTE" Fleischhauer R20 - HSBaum

Bud graft quick snap "OKULETTE" Butcher cut R20

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With the OKULETTE R20 you get the ideal connection material for the inoculation of roses and trees.


Self-loosening of the bandage

In contrast to plastic material, there is no need to loosen the fasteners, because the thin, high-quality finishing rubber is subject to the effects of the weather and loosens by itself after 3-4 weeks.

Protection against the grafting maggot

The OKULETTE offers first-class protection against insects until it is released by itself, so that the precious eyes are no longer attacked by the maggot

Unhindered growth in thickness

For better development of the precious eye after growth, an unhindered growth in thickness is necessary, which is ensured by the elastic OKULETTE

Better growth results

The elasticity of the rubber ensures not only that the precious eye is firmly enclosed, but also that the oculation wound is firmly closed. The even pressure on the precious eye and the complete seal against air and water promote the growth decisively.

Environmentally neutral

In contrast to plastic fasteners, the OKULETTE made from natural rubber does not pose a burden to the environment as the closure weathers completely.


The production of the OKULETTE from raw rubber to the finished product takes place entirely in-house and only selected types of natural rubber from the same plantations are used. This is our guarantee of consistently high quality.