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Memberships of HS Baum

You can always rely on the quality of our forest plants. We have our products regularly checked by external auditors. That is why we have joined several associations. In this way, we can ensure a high level of quality beyond our own quality controls. If you have any questions about the certifications and our product portfolio, you can always rely on our competent customer service.

Membership in the Association of German Tree Nurseries:

Bund deutscher Baumschulen e.V.

The Federation of German Tree Nurseries is abbreviated to BdB. It is divided into several regional associations. Helmut Schröder Nurseries is a member of the Schleswig-Holstein regional association. In particular, the tree nurseries from the Pinneberg region know how to impress with their good quality. Helmut Schröder Nurseries is of course no exception. Regardless of whether you are a forester, city planner, forest service provider or private forest owner: We offer all customers good quality at reasonable prices, along with competent advice.

Membership in the certification ring for verifiable forest origin Southern Germany e.V.:

Zertifizierung für überprüfbare Forstliche Herkunft Süddeutschland e.V.

The high standards we set ourselves for the quality of our products are also reflected in our membership in the certification ring for verifiable forest origin in Southern Germany. You can replace the relatively long name with the abbreviation ZüF. Despite the southern German origin, the unique ZüF certification system is used nationwide and therefore also here in Schleswig-Holstein. It guarantees perfect plant quality. And thanks to forest genetic analyzes, far beyond the legal minimum standards. Ultimately, however, the customer is king for us. That is why we also offer our customers cheaper plants without ZüF certification. In case of doubt, we are happy to support you with competent customer advice. It is our pleasure to assist you with all matters relating to your forest ecosystem.

Membership in the DKV - Quality Association for Forest Propagation e.V.:

RAL Gütezeichen DKV Forstliches Vermehrungsgut Wald- und Landschaftspflege

We offer our customers forest plants with various certifications. Another certification is the Quality Association for Forest Propagation. It is responsible for all RAL certifications. It can also be abbreviated with the three letters DKV and it controls tree nurseries, private forest owners and forest administrations. The objective can be defined as maintaining the self-imposed forest genetic quality standards. Just like us, DKV follows the following conviction: high-quality forest ecosystems with a positive environmental balance and lucrative timber yields are only possible with the right provenances. Accordingly, we attach great importance to high-quality origins. We would be happy to support you in choosing the right provenance.

Membership in the Association of German Forestry Schools e.V.:

Verbund deutscher Baumschulen VdB

We are also a member of the Association of German Forest Tree Schools. The registered association is divided into several regional associations. Helmut Schröder Baumschulen is a member of the North Regional Association. The association can be abbreviated in the three letters VDF. The aim of the association can be defined as the provision and production of high-quality forest reproductive material. In addition, it does relevant public relations and gives the forest nursery industry a voice.