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Fichte, Rotfichte (Picea abies) - HSBaum

European spruce (Picea abies)

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The spruce is also calledGemeine spruce as well as red spruce. The botanists call themas Picea abies. It can grow up to 50 meters high and up to 9 meters widecan be achieved. The growth of this Konifere can be seen as conical and erectdescribe.

Pollination as well as needlework

Picea abies is monoecious.There is both cross-pollination and Wind resistanceexercisein front. The needlesbleaves have one formany coniferstypical dark green coloring. Itis an evergreen conifer.

Soil condition

Picea abies preferredsandy and loamy soil variations with asignificant soil moistureand a high humus content. The spruce is a shallow root. The coniferso cannot aus deeperSoil layers backtires. Therefore shouldwhen planting on a sufficient soil water balance in the uppernPay attention to soil layers.


Picea abies is common in Europe, Asia and North America.She particularly feels in theMountainsAsiawell.One of the oldestMost trees are in Sweden.Theres has rootsproven to be 9500 years old.


TheNorway spruce iis popular in the timber industry. The wood can be used in several end productsto process. The narrow spruce requires comparatively little space during the growth phase.Due to the strong infestation by the sprucebark beetle and the problem of the flatIn contrast to earlier times, spruce monocultures are no longer recommended for root systems.We recommendlen you the admixture of other conifers like the Douglas fir and theYew. Solets sI minimize the risk of damage andYour forest is gettinga higher ecological value.

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    Picea abies

    840 01 North German Lowlands
    840 02 Central and East German lowlands except Niederlausitz
    840 03 Lower Lusatia
    840 04 Rhenish and Saar-Palatinate highlands
    and Upper Rhine Graben, colline step
    840 05 Rhenish and Saar-Palatinate highlands
    and Upper Rhine Graben, montane level
    840 06 Weser and Hessian mountains, colline level
    840 07 Weser and Hessian mountains, montane level
    840 08 Harz, colline stage
    840 09 Harz, montane level
    840 10 Harz, high montane level
    840 11 Thuringian Forest and Franconian Forest, colline level
    840 12 Thuringian Forest and Franconian Forest, montane level
    840 13 Vogtland and East Thuringian hill country
    840 14 Saxon mountainous country, colline level
    840 15 Saxon mountainous country, montane level
    840 16 Saxon mountainous country, high-montane level
    840 17 Neckarland and Franconian hill country
    840 18 Fichtel Mountains and Upper Palatinate Forest,
    submontane stage
    840 19 Fichtelgebirge and Upper Palatinate Forest, montane level
    840 20 Bavarian Forest, submontane level
    840 21 Bavarian Forest, montane level
    840 22 Bavarian Forest, high montane level
    840 23 Black Forest, submontane level
    840 24 Black Forest, high montane level
    840 25 Swabian-Franconian Forest
    840 26 Alb
    840 27 Alpine foothills
    840 28 Alps, submontane level
    840 29 Alps, montane level
    840 30 Alps, subalpine level

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    Fichte, Rotfichte (Picea abies)

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