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Feldahorn (Acer campestre) - HSBaum

Field maple (Acer campestre)

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The field maple occurs mainly in the arid regions of Central Germany and in dry oak forests.

It avoids acidic soils and extremely steep slopes and prefers to grow on slopes with slopes between 10 and 30 in warm south-west to south-east locations..

The field maple grows up to 15 m high. It only reaches 20 m in individual cases.

In a single stand it often grows like a bush, but in a narrow forest it grows like a tree.

It prefers nutrient and acid-rich, moist to alternately dry clay soils.

Since the field maple can also cope with the urban climate, industrial pollution and light road salt pollution, it is also used in urban areas for a wide variety of other greening in addition to its use in the forest and the open landscape. It is also used, for example, on motorways, roads, windbreaks in the large plains and in hedges.