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Hybridlärche (Larix eurolepis) - HSBaum
Hybridlärche (Larix eurolepis) - HSBaum
Hybridlärche (Larix eurolepis) - HSBaum
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Hybrid larch (Larix eurolepis)

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The hybrid larch is called Larix eurolepis by botanists. It is a hybridization of the European larch and the Japanese larch that originated in 1904. It is characterized by an excellent growth performance. Because of this, hybridization has been an extremely popular plant since the 1930s. Reason enough for Helmut Schröder Nurseries to have this promising forest plant in their range. 

Pollination as well as needlework 

Larix eurolepis is monoecious. There is both cross-pollination and wind pollination. The needle-shaped leaves have a smooth leaf edge in addition to a triangular leaf shape. The cones come with a dark brown color. 

Soil condition 

Larix eurolepis prefers a mineral soil with a significant lime content. In case of doubt, arid locations with a stony soil are also assumed by the hybrid larch. Larix eurolepis is definitely a joy to be found in a sunny location. 


As mentioned above, Larix eurolepis represents a hybridization of the European larch and the Japanese larch. This hybrid tree species originated in Scotland in 1904 and is now enjoying great popularity in this country as well. 


Larix eurolepis has developed an extremely excellent reputation in the forestry sector. During the growth phase, the hybrid larch with its slim growth and its significant freedom from knots is a joy. A relatively large number of trees can thus be planted on an area. Due to the already mentioned freedom from knots, complex delimbing measures are largely eliminated. This allows the timber harvesting costs to be reduced to a considerable extent. In contrast to the common spruce, Larix eurolepis has a significant storm resistance due to the heart root system. The hard wood also makes this tree species an object of desire in the furniture industry. 

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