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Japanische Lärche (Larix kaempferi) - HSBaum

Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi)

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The Japanese larch is called Larix kaempferi by botanists. It can reach heights of up to 30 meters and widths of up to 15 meters. In addition to the upright growth, Larix kaempferi has a rust-brown to gray bark. 

Pollination as well as needlework 

Larix kaempferi is monoecious. There is both cross-pollination and wind pollination. The needle-shaped leaves have a smooth leaf edge in addition to a triangular leaf shape. The cones come with a brown and green color. 

Soil condition 

Larix kaempferi prefers a stony to loamy soil with a moderate nutrient content. In addition, a moist soil with a significant lime content is preferred. The Japanese larch is a real delight with a sunny location. 


The common name indicates Japan as the region of origin. There it is very popular. The Japanese larch can even be found in the mountains of the Asian country. Larix kaempferi has worked his way up to an altitude of up to 2,900 meters. 


Larix kaempferi enjoys an excellent reputation in her home country as well as here. It cuts a particularly fine figure in locations with significant soil moisture and humidity. In combination with the European larch, the Japanese larch is particularly suitable for establishing a conifer population with a significant ecological value. Larix kaempferi can even provide greater resilience in spruce stands that are subject to heavy use. In addition, the Japanese larch can also be planted in parks with an Asian orientation. Larix kaempferi is extremely popular as a bonsai in her home country. 

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    Larix Kaempferi
    Japanese larch

    839 01 North German Lowlands
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