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abies grandies

Silver fir (Abies grandis) soft-sided container

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The coastal fir is a very fast-growing species of fir, from the fifth year it can reach annual growth of more than one meter. After 50 years of standing, it can have reached a height of a good 40 meters and a trunk diameter of more than 70 cm.

Deep and nutrient-rich soils with a high mineral content are best suited. Moist locations are also well tolerated.

Widespread on the west coast of North America, from the first half of the 19th century in Europe, it is also planted as a Christmas tree.


The coastal fir is a penumbra tree. The soil moisture can be from dry to moist, the soil depth is deep to very deep, pH value is 5.5-7.5, temperatures from warm to cool. The sea fir should have sufficient soil freshness.


  • Height: 80 m high
  • Crown: conical crown
  • Trunk: pole-shaped
  • Roots: Deep roots with extensive roots
  • Blossom / Fruits: The silver fir is monoecious, pollination is carried out by the wind, male flowers about 3 cm long and light yellow, female flowers about 5 cm long and greenish, flowering time April-May. The cones are red-brown and up to 10 cm long and stand upright. The pine cone scales detach from the cones so that no cones can be found on the ground.
  • Leaves / needles
  • Needles are thin, about 5-6 cm long and 2-3mm wide. The upper needles are shorter than the lower ones.

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Abies grandisBig sea fir

830 01 North German Lowlands
830 02 rest of Germany

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