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Schwarzerle (Alnus glutinosa) Roterle - HSBaum

European black alder (Alnus glutinosa)

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Black alders are planted to prevent water erosion and to fortify streams and river banks. The wood is used in hydraulic engineering and as solid wood for art and furniture carpentry as a commercial tree, the alder is more of a marginal phenomenon. Named Tree of the Year in 2003.


The black alder is a light tree, it tolerates sun to light shade. Makes tree very undemanding. The black alder grow on wet and often flooded locations.


  • Height: 30 m high
  • Crown: Mostly pyramidal crown
  • Trunk: diameter up to 1m
  • Root: Deep heart root
  • Flowers / fruits: The alder is monoecious, male inflorescences are 5-10 long catkins, female catkins are about 5mm on 2-3mm long stems. Fruits first green later brown.
  • Leaves / needles
  • Leaves about 5-9 cm long, 5-7 cm wide. Reverse ovoid to rounded. The leaves are shed green in autumn.

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Alnus glutinosa
Red alder

802 01 Northwest German lowlands
802 02 Northeast German lowlands
802 03 Middle and East German
Low and hill country
802 04 West German mountainous region
802 05 Upper Rhine Graben
802 06 Southeast German Hill
and mountainous country
802 07 South german hill
and mountainous country
802 08 Alps and Alpine foothills

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Schöne Bäume und auch ein paar Exemplare zusätzlich.

Dirk Berking

Schwarzerle (Alnus glutinosa) Roterle

Beate Bausch
Kräftige Jungpflanzen

Schnelle Lieferung, gut verpackt, kräftige, gleichmäßig gut gewachsene Schwarzerlen. Und dazu, mehr als 25 Stück.
Alles super.