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Spitzahorn (Acer platanoides) Weichwandcontainer - HSBaum

Norway maple (Acer platanoides) soft-sided container

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For slope reinforcement, noise protection, pioneer settlements, urban areas, streets, windbreaks, also as a source of beehives. The wood is very firm, moderately hard, heavy and elastic. Use for kitchen utensils, veneers, musical instruments, table tops and as firewood and firewood. The quality of the wood is not as high as that of the sycamore maple. The Norway maple is very fast-growing when it is young. The Norway maple is a native deciduous tree and can live up to 100 years.


The Norway maple is a light and penumbra tree. The tree makes no demands on the soil except on acidic and poor sandy soils. The soil moisture ranges from dry to moist. Soil depth from medium to deep, the pH value from slightly acidic to alkaline, temperature from warm to cool.


  • Height: 30 m high
  • Crown: round-crowned tree
  • Trunk: diameter up to 1m
  • Root: Flat to heart root
  • Flower / fruits: flower color yellow / brownish. The Norway maple is unisexual or hermaphrodite, both forms occur side by side. Greenish nut fruits have propeller-like fruit wings and are spread by wind. Flowering period April-May.
  • Leaves / needles
  • Leaf position opposite. The leaf has five hand-shaped pointed leaf lobes, leaf length 10-15 cm. The tree owes its name to its very pointed leaves. The name platanoides comes from the leaf resemblance to the plane tree.


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Acer platanoides
Norway maple

800 01 North German Lowlands

800 02 Middle and East German
Low and hill country

800 03 Southeast German Hill
and mountainous country

800 04 West and South German mountains
as well as the Alps and Alpine foothills