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Stieleiche (Quercus robur) - HSBaum
Stieleiche (Quercus robur) - HSBaum
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English oak (Quercus robur)

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The wood of the pedunculate oak is used in furniture construction and as construction timber. Native to Europe. Can also be used for individual stands, afforestation and as a street tree. Hard and industry-proof, drought-resistant, road salt-proof, tolerates urban climates.


The English oak is undemanding, grows on clay soils, even on light, dry soils, and avoids high groundwater such as waterlogging


  • Height: 40 m high
  • Crown: high domed crown
  • Trunk: diameter up to 100cm
  • Roots: deep roots, in old age cardiac lower root system
  • Blossom / fruit: single-sexed, yellow-green blossom, May-June blossom, fruits in several acorns, long stems up to 5-12 cm, acorns enclosed by a third of the cup.
  • Leaves / needles
  • Alternately 8-12 cm long, yellowish to brown in autumn, the leaves often stick to younger trees for a long time

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Quercus robur
English oak

817 01 Lower Saxony coastal area
Reihnisch-Westphalian Bay
817 02 Baltic Sea coastal area
817 03 Heide and Altmark
817 04 East German lowlands
817 05 Middle German low and
Hill country
817 06 West German mountainous region
817 07 Upper Rhine Graben
817 08 Southeast German Hill
and mountainous country
817 09 South German hill and
Mountains and Alps

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Stieleiche (Quercus robur)

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