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Türkische Tanne (Abies bornmülleriana) - HSBaum

Turkish fir (Abies bornmülleriana)

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Like the Nordmann fir, the Turkish fir is a common type of Christmas tree in Northern Europe. The Turkish fir is uniform, pyramidal in shape. Solitary wood for gardens and parks. The fir is extremely hardy and evergreen. Native to Eastern Europe to Asia.Deeply branched in free standing.


Like the Nordmann fir, the Turkish fir needs deep, permeable, moist, nutrient-rich soil but also grows on poorer soils. Resistance to dry spells.

Height: 40 m high

Crown: even, pyramidal, broad crown structure

Trunk: diameter up to 40cm

Root: taproot

Flower / fruit: cones 15-20 cm long, 5 cm thick, greenish when young, later dark brown

Leaves / needles: Dense, brush-shaped, rigid but not piercing, dark green

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Matteo Colarossi

Ottima qualità delle piantine di Abies Bornmulleriana. In Italia è difficile trovare questa specie.

Bernd Schmittinger
Abies bornmülleriana

Gute Qualität!

Johannes Zirngibl
Die Türkische Tanne war zwar klein, aber ordentlcih bewurzelt, so dass ich Hoffnung habe dass sie...

Sehr gur verpackt und feucht. Die Pflanzen waren in einem sehr guten Zustand