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Winterlinde - Tilia cordata Weichwandcontainer - HSBaum

Small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) soft-sided container

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The wood of winter linden is mainly used in sculpture, carving and turnery. The winter linden is also used as a solitary tree in parks or as a street, avenue tree. Important beehive wood.


The winter linden grows in any fresh, deep, not too dry soil. The linden tree is adaptable and also grows in poor locations if these are not too dry.


  • Height: 30 m high
  • Crown: irregular, rounded, loose, spreading crown
  • Trunk: diameter up to 60cm
  • Roots: Taproots in youth, irregular heart-root system in old age
  • Flowers / fruit: flowers yellowish in June-July, 5-9 flowers in upright cymes, strongly scented. Fruits 5-6mm thick, spherical
  • Leaves / needles
  • Round-heart-shaped, about 7cm long, dark green, autumn color yellowish-green

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Tilia cordata
Winter linden

823 01 Northwest German lowlands
823 02 Northeast German lowlands
823 03 Middle and East German
Low and hill country
823 04 West German mountainous region
823 05 Upper Rhine Graben
823 06 Southeast German Hill
and mountainous country
823 07 South german hill
and mountainous country
823 08 Alps and Alpine foothills

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Peter Nützmann
Lieferung Winderlinde

ich bin mit der Lieferung sehr zufrieden gewesen

Jana AS
Gut fast alles ist angewachsen - Winderlinde schlägt aus

Schneller Versand, gut verpackt, gute Preise und es ist fast alles angewachsen, obwohl die meisten Pflanzen wurzelnackt waren. Sie schlagen schon aus. Nur der Trompetenbaum ist wahrscheinlich leider nicht angewachsen. Was sehr schade ist. aber um diese Jahreszeit war das mein eigenes Risiko. Vielen Dank an HSBaum.