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Weisstanne (Abies alba) - HSBaum

Silver fir (Abies alba)

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In addition to the spelling silver firis also the spelling white for the trivial names-fircommon.The botanists bezeireckon her as Abies alba.It can reach a maximum height of 50Meters can be reached. The growth can be classified asDescribe conical and upright.

Pollination as well as needlework

Abies alba is monoecious. There are both foreign populationsexercise as well as wind pollinationin front. The needle-shaped leaves are arranged individually and have a triangular leaf shapeto show a smooth leaf margin. The light green coloring can be seen as characteristicFeature of the pine cone definish.

Soil condition

Abies alba prefers a sandy to clayey soil with a significant nutrient content. Ahigh humus contentalso gratefully accepted.The silver fir can be considered relativefrugal kind definieren.It grows in both sunny and shady locations.


The silver fir isto be found on the entire European continent. That is probably duedue to the already discussed undemanding nature of thisConifer. In Bulgaria sicHthe kindPrepared to an altitude of up to 2900 meters. Inthe last few years has beenthe silver firsome locations at renewedAfforestationReplaced spruce trees. Thereforen are die stocksfrom Abies alba in decline.


Abies alba woodis excellent for building veneeren, boxes,Masts and furnitureapplicable.To the PaThis conifer is also suitable for making piercing.In theWood industry as well as inthePulp industrythe silver fir enjoysthereforeto ein a high beliebbness. It is abouttherefore it is an excellent type of useful tree. The silver fir is suitablesomitgood forr a profitable oneForestryLocations with difficult soil conditions.

You want to plant all year round Here you can find our container plants:: Silver fir in a soft-walled container.

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    Abies alba
    Silver fir

    827 01 North Sea coastal area
    Rhine-Westphalian Bay
    827 02 Northeast German lowlands and
    Lower Saxony inland
    827 03 Central and East German low and
    Hill country except Niederlausitz
    827 04 Lower Lusatia
    827 05 West German mountains and
    Upper Rhine Graben
    827 06 Thuringian-Saxon
    Northeast Bavarian low mountain range
    827 07 Bavarian and Upper Palatinate Forest
    827 08 Black Forest and Albtrauf
    827 09 Swabian-Franconian Forest
    827 10 Rest of southern Germany
    827 11 Alps and Alpine foothills,
    submontane stage
    827 12 Alps and Alpine foothills,
    high montane level




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    Weißtanne (Abies alba)